Advantages of Having Your Own Teaching App!

Suitable for Individual Tutors, Content Creators, and Coaching Centres to Launch Their Own Personalised App and Sell Courses.

The world witnessed the rampant digitization of education in the last couple of years, classrooms started to become virtual, and students can consume knowledge within the comfort of their homes. eLearning has, to a good extent replaced the traditional school infrastructure, in which teachers and students had one-on-one live interaction. This shift in imparting and consuming knowledge paved the way for the technological advancement known as Teaching Apps. 

Teaching apps or educational apps are online learning platforms where the teachers and students come together; while being in the comfort of their own homes, the teachers can teach and the students can learn, therefore, virtually creating a classroom atmosphere. All it needs is a mobile device and internet connectivity. 

The sudden uprise in the number of education apps and their popularity among learners has led to contrasting arguments in the education sector itself, citing issues such as lack of student participation in coursework & assignments and plagiarism of content. While others seem welcoming to the technological advancements in the field of education.

Let’s look at the Advantages of having your teaching app,

Diversify Learning

When you have your teaching app, you have the freedom to employ a variety of methods to enlighten your learners, such as audiovisual content, puzzles, quizzes, gamification, storytelling, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The advent of immense diversity in learning can generate interest in your learners and may lead to an increase in user engagement & going further, it can lead to a boost in enrolment rates as well. 

Find your niche audience

If the course you intend to sell is something unique & specific and is not suitable for everybody, then having your own learning app can be helpful for you in finding your own set of audience and building a community of like-minded people. People who are looking for something specific that they would like to learn, something that only you are providing as a course of study.  

Brand Awareness

Having your own app is like having your own space; digitally. You can use it as a tool to promote your brand among potential learners/customers, a process that otherwise requires the support of digital marketing agencies or social media handles. Use the app to increase visibility among customers increase brand recognition and make yourself known in the market. 


Another benefit of having your own teaching app is the amount of flexibility that comes with it. You, as a teacher, have the freedom to put up content at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world; similarly, the learners can also consume the same at their comfort and convenience, at their own pace; anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional schools, there’s no question of missing a class & taking notes from your peers. Teachers also have the provision to record course content that can be streamed at a later date. Likewise, the learners are granted access to the course content 24/7. 

Cost Effective

Being cost-effective with one of the best advantages of a teaching app, for teachers as well as the learners. Both parties do not have to go through the grind of physically commuting to another location, an institution, for teaching and learning. They can do the same under their own roof, respectively. The only resources they need are a device and an internet connection. The time and energy spent on travel can be utilized to enhance the learning process.

Sell Better

When you have your own app, you are free to employ any kind of marketing strategy and promotional methods to skyrocket sales, increase engagement, and boost enrolment rates. Also, you can instantly communicate and share information with the customers regarding the same, more freely and frequently.

Since you are sharing the information with potential customers regarding an upcoming sale or discount rates from your own app, and not through any other platform, there can be a possibility that those leads will convert to sales.

Update Content

In the regular, in-class learning system, a change in the syllabus may be updated as quickly as it should be, but when it comes to your own teaching app, teachers can update important and relevant changes in their subject matter in real time, therefore, making sure that the learners are aware and informed about the changes that have occurred in their chosen subject or topic of interest.

Know the gaps

In the traditional learning setup, where people of different mental capabilities were put together, everybody grasps knowledge differently, and the learning material was uniform so it was not easy for the teachers to determine and assess how much a learner had taken in or understood.

But with the help of your teaching app, educators can access and analyze the capabilities of every student and take the necessary steps to bridge the skill gaps and increase student engagement.

Real-Time Feedback

A core advantage of having your own teaching app is that you can interact with your learners directly and vice versa and gather all kinds of feedback, which otherwise can be a cumbersome process, you may have to depend on an external survey website for the same and they can include excess labor and may not end up being cost-effective. Genuine feedback helps build trust between you and the customer which can lead to brand loyalty; therefore, you can get repeat business as well as increase enrolments.