How to Start an E-learning Business in 2023

Suitable for Individual Tutors, Content Creators, and Coaching Centres to Launch Their Own Personalised App and Sell Courses.

Until the beginning of the last decade, you had to take the conventional route to learn something new or go for a particular course of study you like. It required & demanded an investment from both sides; Learners and Educators.  

There were so many other factors involved such as time for study, infrastructure such as buildings, classrooms, and vehicles to commute to a school or college, also there was an indispensable need for direct face-to-face interaction in a four-walled atmosphere for better communication between teachers and students. 

Now, in 2023, all of this is still relevant, schools and colleges are still active, but people have found better alternatives to learning what they want; that too, effectively, in the comfort of their own space. A system of learning where both learners and educators need not be in the same room, they can communicate with each other from different corners of the world.


What is E-Learning, you ask? eLearning can simply be defined as the delivery of educational materials or courses through an online medium. It can be referred to as a digital counterpart to the traditional learning system. It provides you with the luxury of learning anything you want, with courses ranging from Arts and crafts, Cooking, Web Development, Musical instruments, Languages, and many more.... that too at your own pace, at any given time, from anywhere in the world.   

The modus operandi of e-learning can be self-paced learning, or you can do the same with an instructor's support, with the content being shared in the form of live audiovisual formats and digital downloads. 

E-learning enables the learner to go beyond the conventional boundaries of learning and perhaps achieve more than what they would in a quintessential setting. 

Though the concept of eLearning co-existed with the traditional educational system, It has now become a profitable and lucrative business venture ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The global shutdown resulted in people locked up in their homes. The dire situation restricted regular access to educational institutions as much as it did for everything else; for an unprecedented period. This lack of provision and the need to supplement education eventually led to the giant boom of the eLearning business. The industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 20%, targeting a value of 315 billion in 2028. 

Here is how you can start you can start your E-Learning business in 2023,

Know your audience

Like any other new business, the first and foremost thing to do is to identify your target audience and find your niche. "Who is this for?" & "What's their takeaway from this?" Try to understand what consumers demand and what they lack in terms of knowledge and their learning goals & make sure the courses you provide will fill that gap. 

Choose a Business Model

Once you have identified and finalized your target audience and what kind of courses you are going to impart, decide on a business model that suits your modus operandi; such as a night school model, where the e-learning platform charges a one-time fee to access a course or you can go for the academy model where the business charges recurring payments from learners to gain access to the courses they offer. 

Bring in the tech

To run a successful e-learning business, you require a 24/7 presence online, and for that purpose, you need to look for an open-source learning management system (LMS) or reach out to competent web developers and web designers to build a website or a business application which will enable you to showcase your courses. 

Price it right

It is very important to price your product competitively. You'll have to conduct thorough market research to understand the pricing policies of your competitors. Always keep one thing in mind, don't price your company sky high, it will not attract customer attention, and don't underestimate the prices of your competition.  

Promote your business

Now comes the most important part of running a business; Marketing. Registering an e-learning business and creating courses may seem much easier when compared to the process of marketing the same. You will have to employ every promotional tactic in your arsenal, such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO promotion, Online advertising, etc...