How to Start Your Own E-learning Courses Provider Business

Suitable for Individual Tutors, Content Creators, and Coaching Centres to Launch Their Own Personalised App and Sell Courses.

What is an E-Learning Business?

E-learning, otherwise known as virtual learning or online learning, is a method of education where the Internet is the primary source of gaining knowledge about a particular subject or skill. Here, unlike the traditional & regular learning system, the teacher and the student don't have to meet in person. All the correspondence is conducted digitally through chats, video calls, emails, etc... In some institutions, this format is referred to as "fully online".

Ever since the pandemic, in early 2020, E-Learning has become one of the fastest-growing businesses globally. As per studies conducted by various trade analysts, the E-Learning business is expected to grow 14% between 2023 and 2032. In fact, all global tech giants are chalking out plans to adopt or begin an Ed-tech enterprise.  

How to start your own eLearning Business?

There are two ways to go about when you are starting an eLearning Business, the first one is to design and develop an exclusive website or a mobile application and start selling, marketing and promoting your courses, otherwise, you can make use of a Learning Management System (LMS) as an aggregator and sell your course content. Although having your own customized website may seem like a good option for an E-learning business, it may not be a feasible choice in the long run.  

Building a eLearning website from the ground up requires a considerable amount of investment and moreover, you need to hire a really technically sound team of developers and engineers to ensure the seamless development and maintenance of the website as well. Therefore, a website, even though an excellent option for your E-learning business, cannot be considered a cost-effective decision. The next obvious choice is employing a Learning Management System or LMS. Implementing one does not require a high level of technical prowess, making it easier to use that too with fewer resources. 

Things to Consider

Know Your Audience:

The first and foremost thing to consider before starting any business is "Who is it for"? before starting out always conduct extensive market research to understand the mindset of the people, their problems, and what kind of solutions they are looking for. And most importantly, do your products or courses provide the right kind of solutions and fill the gaps? Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you can customize your content to meet the needs of your target audience. 

Prioritize Core Content:

While launching an E-learning startup, you must see the road ahead and give more importance to the long-term benefits and values that will catch the eye of new customers as well as maintain the existing ones. Always be updated about the new & upcoming trends and skills in education that the students or learners would like to take up, and based on this data you can determine when and where to your focus mark and develop new courses for your target audience. Sometimes, different people need different aspects of the same thing, you can customize the courses to suit their needs to ensure customer satisfaction which will eventually lead to a boost in engagement and hence, generate more revenue.  

Choose an efficient Learning Management System:

The core purpose of any online learning platform is to provide learners with engaging and up-to-date course content, and for that, you need an LMS or Learning Management System. An LMS is a software application that comes with a large set of tools that are used for efficiently performing all the administrative and non-administrative tasks of an educational institution. Always choose the LMS which aligns with your nature of business and seamlessly satisfies the needs of your customers.  

New-generation platforms like Teachdigit which you can use as a tool to get your own eLearning app that helps you to effortlessly craft, promote, and monetize your courses while offering your learners a customized and immersive mobile learning journey. Unlock your eLearning business's full potential and enthral your audience with Teachdigit's solution - a white-labeled mobile app that reflects your brand.

Provide Free Samples of your Courses:

Giving away demos and samples of some of the core courses of your eLearning platform to prospective customers is a good way to receive constructive feedback and determine the overall quality of your content. You can make a note of the drawbacks in your material and can make the necessary changes and corrections accordingly. Hence you can make sure that the course content you provide will add value and be beneficial to the learners. Regularly conducting quality checks and rectifying such errors will be instrumental in the long-term success of your business. 


Like any business, eLearning platforms must focus on generating good profit, and a competitive pricing plan will help you achieve that, but remember you must not charge your courses way too high or way too low because, when the content you provide is expensive, people might perceive it to be unaffordable and you will have trouble in attracting customers, and when the material is sold at a lower cost, customers can become suspicious of the quality of the courses you offer. Therefore, to avoid confusion in pricing, it is better to conduct market research on competitors and do a price comparison before zeroing in on a decision.


Business success is always linked to great marketing, and eLearning is no exception, it doesn't matter how innovative and cool your eLearning platform is, you need to put in the extra effort and go the extra mile to market and promote your content to prospective customers. Make the best use of all the available marketing channels such as social media, Print Media, Digital Marketing, Posters, Flyers etc... 

Increase Demand:

To drive sales on the eLearning platform you increase the demand in the respective field. Provide a course or several courses that are in high demand and that can guarantee that the person can find employment right after completion of that particular course, and of course, one that is priced reasonably as well, this will gather the interest of potential customers and by employing efficient marketing strategies and techniques you can convert those interests into leads and finally ending up in a sale. 


That's how you can establish your own eLearning business, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and its vast presence and increasing relevance in the field of science and technology, there is going to be a huge revolution in the Ed-tech space as well. As an enterprise, you must embrace the new changes and overcome various challenges that come along the way. Even today, sophisticated technological advancements such as Virtual reality and Augmented reality have already become part of scholastic learning. 

Always remember in a business, it is always about the audience, grabbing their attention, gaining their trust, and putting in your best efforts to satisfy them. Create and provide content that motivates and encourages them to perform better.